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Dell, British Petroleum, Schlumberger are just a few of the Fortune 100 companies that Anuj Varma has helped with his hands-on, technical expertise.  Anuj routinely saves companies thousands; often, millions, over the period of their project lifecycle.


Anuj has  provided both on-site and offsite support to companies facing production issues in their critical applications.   He has helped run security penetration tests, provide recommendations for improving application and network security as well as creating high-level architectures for new applications.

Breadth of Scope – Application, Network, Cloud, Security, Mobile

Whether it is building large web applications or securing them,  Anuj has served as the lead architect on large J2EE and .NET projects as well as data technologies such as Azure DW, Analytics, Data Warehousing and NoSQL initiatives. He has helped companies migrate entire data centers to the cloud and is a certified Azure specialist.

Specializing in high volume web and cloud application architecture, Anuj Varma’s customer base includes Fortune 100 companies (dell.com, British Petroleum, Schlumberger).
Anuj’s training as a mathematical physicist followed by years of advanced computer programming is unique in the industry.

For Anuj’s popular technology seminars and science and scientific computing seminars, please visit ANUJ.COM

For Anuj’s Mathematical Models and Math Modeling related consulting , please visit anuj.com.

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