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About Anuj Varma, technical architect

Anuj Varma, Technical Architect, Austin, TX

Anuj Varma is a technical architect specializing in Microsoft Platforms. Along with high level design and overall architecture, he provides hands-on development, unit testing and other best practices on all the projects he works on. His troubleshooting extends to n-Tier applications – and he is equally comfortable troubleshooting UI performance as he is troubleshooting database bottlenecks.

Customer Base

His customer base includes DELL, Schlumberger, British Petroleum, Core Laboratories as well as several small to midsize companies across Texas.


Specializing in Object Oriented and Component Oriented Development, Anuj leverages leading application frameworks (especially Microsoft’s .NET framework) as well as 3rd party components built around these frameworks. Anuj continues to build some of the most stable and maintenance free applications as part of his work as a technical architect.


Anuj can be contacted via the contact form on this blog.