About Anuj Varma, Application Architect turned Cloud Architect

Anuj Varma, Technical Architect, Austin, TX

Anuj Varma is a technical architect specializing in Microsoft Platforms and Cloud Architecture. Along with high level design and overall architecture, he acts as a hands-on development lead, implementing agile and other best practices on various projects.

His troubleshooting experience extends to n-Tier applications – and he is equally comfortable troubleshooting UI performance as he is troubleshooting database bottlenecks.

Customer Base

His customer base includes DELL, Schlumberger, British Petroleum, The State of Texas  – as well as several small to midsize companies across Texas.


Specializing in Object Oriented and Component Oriented Development, Anuj leverages leading application frameworks as well as Infrastructure as a Service – to create truly scalable and maintainable software. 

Anuj continues to build some of the most stable and maintenance free applications as part of his work as a technical architect.


Anuj can be contacted via the contact form on this blog.

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