Cloud and Microsoft Technologies Specialist

Anuj Varma, Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Google) Specialist, Microsoft Platforms (.NET, SQL Server, IIS) Specialist, Austin, TX


Specializing in scalable, Object Oriented, n-Tier applications, Anuj is an application architect turned Cloud Architect.  Leveraging Infrastructure as a Service  on both AWS and Azure, Anuj provides cost savings to his customers while building their next generation application.

Types of Projects

  1. AWS Compute Services – including Compute, Storage, Networking and Data storage centric services. 
  2. Azure Service Fabric, Building cloud-enabled applications using Microsoft’s .NET (MVC, EF) and Azure. 
  3. Object Oriented Architecture and Design – Analysis of existing applications, SOA applications, In-depth review of usage patterns
  4. ASP.NET, IIS and SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting – Hands-on, n-Tier troubleshooting using industrial strength tools – Fiddler, StressStimulus, Rhino Profilers and more..
  5. Consolidation of multiple ASP.NET apps onto single IIS server (collapsed IIS), Consolidation of multiple SQL Server databases onto single SQL Enterprise instances (collapsed SQL)
  6. Centralized Master Database (CMBD) – for an overall view of corporate I.T. assets – including Servers, Applications and Licenses
  7. Tableau based Visualizations – Large scale data visualizations.


Anuj continues to build some of the most stable and maintenance free applications as part of his work as a solutions architect. Anuj measures his success by his clients’ success – and is always accessible for ensuring their applications run like clockwork.

Local Accessibility

Consulting companies may come and go – Anuj’s independent practice as a Cloud and Solutions Architect has served clients for longer than some brand-name consulting practices. 

His local presence in Texas (Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas) has provided clients with the necessary Cloud and Application development expertise without looking elsewhere.

Larger Projects

For larger projects that require more than one hands-on developer, Anuj helps his customers through ANUJ Technologies – a specialized network of local, experienced technology professionals. ANUJ Technologies continues to provide customers the capabilities of large consulting firms without any of their overheads.

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