Testimonials, Anuj Varma, .NET Architect Austin, Houston, Dallas

Dania Kodeih, Technical Architect, British Petroleum, Houston – Supervised Anuj Varma

Anuj has done a great job understanding and supporting what is a very complex and often difficult to grasp application framework. He came on board and was able to take over support of the UI layer quickly and deliver an upgrade.

Qiupeng Guo, Senior Software Developer, British Petroleum, Houston – Worked with Anuj Varma

Anuj is a professional consultant. He has been a valuable Syncfusion developer in our framework team and has provided a quality job for the project. He is also a pleasant person to work with.

Paul Scott, Director of Business Intelligence, Hired Anuj Varma as an I.T. Consultant in 2006 and hired Anuj more than once

Anuj Varma successfully implemented application and database migration projects for my firm. We chose Anuj because of his depth and breadth of technical knowledge. His professionalism, keen business sense and strong technical skills exceeded my expectations.

Rhonda Allen, Project Manager, Harcourt Assessment – Worked with Anuj Varma at Harcourt Assessment (Now Pearson)

Anuj built a customer interface and portal for my group. He assisted a group of untechnical people painlessly and seemlessly through the technical process. Anuj worked magic pulling data from everywhere to satisfy all team members while creating an extremely user-friendly system. It was a pleasure working with Anuj.

Kevin Mefford, CIO, Mindwave Research – Supervised Anuj Varma at Mindwave Research

Anuj is one of the few consultants I’ve worked with who was almost self-sufficient from the day he came on the project. With only a few minutes to review our objectives, he was able to deliver successfully on the project with minimal follow-up questions. I highly recommend him as someone who can come in and quickly learn the business environment to deliver a quality product.

Jerry Daniels, Consulting Manager, Stonebridge Technologies, Managed Anuj Varma at Stonebridge Technologies

Anuj has both a hands-on, detailed view of a project’s technology, as well as a broad, manager’s viewpoint of a project and its role within a business. His clarity, good attitude and professional manner make him an ideal person with which to work.

Dave Conner, Vice President, Program Management

(October 11, 2012, Dave was Anuj’s client)

Anuj listens, understands the problem and delivered. I would recommend his work if you need help in web application design and develop, database design or application integration. Anuj also is a competent and patient trainer.

Andrew Vaverchak, Systems Engineer

(April 11, 2012, Andrew worked directly with Anuj at ANUJ Technologies Inc.)

Anuj was brought on-board to help address performance issues with a WCF, Azure, SQLServer application. He helped with the performance analysis of each tier – including SqlServer Denali and the WCF/AppFabric layer. We were able to identify and resolve the performance issue(s) with the application

About Anuj Varma , .NET architect

Anuj Varma is .NET Architect based out of Austin, TX. His customer list primarily consists of companies in Houston, Dallas and Austin that are in need of specialized .NET architecture and development.  In the capacity of a .NET architect , Anuj has worked closely on core business applications  for British Petroleum, Houston (UI architect, .NET architect ) , Schlumberger , Houston ( SQL Server architect , WCF architect) and Dell, Austin ( ASP.NET architect ) among others. He continues to help Houston ( oil and gas ) companies as well as leading eCommerce companies utilizing the latest offerings from Microsoft .NET Рas well as 3rd party components built around the .NET framework.

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