CNAME record for Subnet DNS resolution on AWS - If your web server is able to resolve, but not , chances are that you are missing a CNAME entry in your DNS. On AWS, this would mean going to your Route53 console and adding a RECORD under the existing HOSTED ZONE which contains the top level domain. So – find the hosted […]
Blockchain (questions that you were too shy to ask) and the industries being disrupted by it… - What is the decentralized web? Does the price of Bitcoin have anything to do with the underlying blockchain? How do trustless systems work? What businesses will blockchain disrupt? Can the blockchain be hacked? I heard that Blockchain is Web 3.0. What does that mean? Web 2.0 marked a revolution with the way web browsers interacted […]
Running a full node (BookKeeping) versus Mining - Running a Full Node Running a node is just listening for other nodes to pass you data, checking that its valid, and passing it in further.   So a peer will tell you “block 12345573 has parent x, is at height y, has transactions a,b,and c, its nonce is 73626 and its hash is a6h54fwj”. […]
Before you PaaS out - PaaS is really such a great option for building a global, enterprise grade web applicaiton, without worrying about the riskier propositions such as 24-7 availability, automated backups and failover, automatic scaling as demand increases… It almost sounds too good to be true. The good news is that if you are building a cloud-first app, most […]
Multiple AWS Environments and Accounts – IAM Strategies - How many AWS top level Accounts should you have? Here are some popular answers: ONE Account – that encompasses all environments. Delineated access to Production and Non-Production occurs through IAM Groups (a separate NONPROD group, a separate PROD group…) TWO Accounts – One for PRODUCTION and one for NON-PRODUCTION MANY Accounts – One for each […]
Containers versus VMs, Docker Tools and Orchestration - Key Aspects of Containers Just as VMs are hardware level (server level) virtualization, containers are OS level virtualization. VM – Primary Use Case – Multiple OSes can be supported on a single hypervisor (Virtualization Platform on hardware) Container  – Primary Use Case – Multiple Apps to be supported on a single platform (Docker Engine) Containers […]
OpenStack–IDentity and Networking - Keystone Identity Service in OpenStack Keystone is the most important and preferred Identity Service in OpenStack and executes the complete OpenStack Identity API. The Keystone Identity Service is responsible for user management and service catalog. In user management, it tracks users and their permissions while Service Catalog offers a list of services available with their […]
Performance Monitoring Tools - A list of performance monitoring tools. Website Monitoring Tools Insping Updown Pingometer Uptime Robot Pingdom Server Monitoring Tools Insping Nagios Core Ganglia Collectd Network Monitoring Tools Nagios Capsa Free Fiddler NetworkMiner Pandora FMS Application Performance Monitoring Tools Insping New Relic APM AppDynamics Foglight ExtraHop Real User Monitoring Tools AppDynamics Dynatrace inspectIT Akamai Pingdom
Ultimate Product Catalogue – WP Plugin–Some SEO issues - So far, the plugin has worked great, and I must say , their support is above and beyond typical wordpress plugin support teams. A couple of minor SEO issues I needed to work around Unfortunately, along with the Product URLs , several ‘Category’ URLs are generated. These may  or may not need to be indexed […]
Forgotten Ubuntu Root Password - From GRUB, choose Ubuntu Repair Menu—> Choose root—> passwd ‘username’ (or just plain passwd) Once updated, type reboot Cmd Line Root Prompt OR – type E (for edit) on the Ubuntu Image (in the grub menu)  Highlight the line that begins kernel ......... or linux ........, press e Go to the very end of the […]

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