Azure – Failed to Create Virtual Machine

Usually, Azure gives meaningful messages when a VM creation fails. However, for a while, I was getting a non-descript error message

Failed to Create Virtual Machine xyz…(clicking on details also gave the same message)

This happened whether I tried creating from the Gallery or using QuickCreate. When I showed it to a microsoft Azure specialist, his response was ‘Never seen THAT before…’. In other words, he was expecting more detail – but unable to find it.

We went through a lot of standard troubleshooting…nothing worked.  

What WAS the problem ? (The Admin username)

When provisioning a VM, you are prompted for an Admin username and a password. While the password is super fast about informing you of invalid characters, the admin username does not give any warnings or errors – regardless of what you type in. It turns out, the admin username needs to be somewhat secure (inspite of the missing warnings). When I tried it with a 10 character username, it finally worked ! 


If you are convinced all your steps (during provisioning a VM) are correct, and are still encountering the error ‘Failed to create Virtual Machine…’, try fixing the admin username on the VM. az 



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