Bollywood – 1, Cricket – 0

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How many religions do Indians practice? An American friend asked me.

Two. I replied.

Hindu (ism) and Islam? He asked (and he was correct)

No. Bollywood and Cricket – I replied (fortunately he laughed and saved me the ignominy of a bad joke)

Every Indian has a bit of cricket in their blood – as does every Indian feel the urge to break into song and dance on watching the latest Bollywood flick. India’s two religions are firmly entrenched in the psyche of its citizenry. So where do these religions stand on India’s fight against corruption?

Bollywood came out in full support – everyone from Anupam Kher to Aamir Khan to Big B.  Shreyas Talpade went on record saying that he supports Anna Hazare for the Bharat Ratna over Sachin Tendulkar. Several other Bollywood actors came out in full support of the Anti-Corruption movement.

The cricketing world has maintained an (undignified) silence thus far. It may be premature to speculate on the reasons for their silence (they may still come out in full support). However, it does lower my respect for these talented sportsmen. While they may be great sportsmen, they are showing themselves to be ‘less than great’ human beings.

As far as I am concerned, Bollywood is the only religion that is supporting India through this ‘second freedom struggle’.

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