Building your app with PhoneGap build and AppPresser

I am guessing you are familiar with AppPresser and have installed all the required plugins on your wordpress website.  Now, you are ready to build an iOS app that leverages what you did on your wordpress site. For this, you need PhoneGap build – and your own iOS certificate. Read this post for creating your iOS development certificate using a windows machine and openSSL.

For your iOS build, you only need to work with the www folder in the phoneGap build. You will modify two files in there (config.xml and index.html). In addition, you can replace the default icon files with icons for your app.

Step 1 – Download a starter project for phongap .

Step 2 – Modify the config.xml as outlined in this video (or see my summary below)

<widget id=”com.anujvarma.myappname”…. // Simply change this to a unique namespace – can be anything that you can easily remember – basically a reversed domain name

<author email=”” href=””>  // change to your email and your website
        Anuj Varma

Ensure that you have the following at the bottom of the file (before </widget>)

   <icon src=”icon.png”/>
    <content src=”index.html”/>
    <access origin=”*” subdomains=”true”/>


Step 3 – Modify the index.html (all you need is a redirect to your website – with the query string  ?appp=1 )

          window.location = ‘′;

Step 4 –  Change the icons to the icons for your app (replace the files in res/icon folder and the /img folder) with your icon files.

Step 5- Zip up everything in the www folder – and upload the zipped file to Along with your iOS certificate , this zip file will be used to create an .ipa file – which can be installed on your mobile device (through iTunes).

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