The day of the golf tournament–Two key concepts for playing competitive golf

Everyone knows that competitive golf is a different game from regular golf (Bobby Jones famously remarked that there are TWO types of golf – tournament golf and weekend golf). There are a few important things to realize when you have an upcoming tournament – the first of which is that your ROUND actually begins at […]

The Lower back as the GROUNDING element in the golf swing

No matter what your golf setup procedure is, you need some element that GROUNDS you. GROUNDING refers to the ability to stay glued to the ground as you swing this weight (up and) around your body. For most pro golfers, their CORE muscles act as the grounding element – their cores are strong enough to […]

To hit it straight, do NOT line up –simply make a good swing ( taking your range swing to the course )

Aiming or doing anything involving directing the ball is a swing wrecker. Have you wondered why you hit it flush on the driving range but not so much on the course. The answer is as simple as it is counterintuitive. On the range, all you are thinking about is your swing. You are not THAT […]

Golf is a game of feel–work on reproducing the feel, not on reproducing specific positions

Most of us do not work on reproducing a ‘feel’. We work on reproducing certain ‘positions’ –  both during the backswing and during our ‘through’ swing. This effort does not translate into a repeatable swing. 
The correct swing is a result of a correct setup – which includes ‘correct feel’. Until your setup routine culminates […]

It is the wrist hinge that generates power – experimenting with the golf wrist hinge

Recently, I undertook the challenge of teaching the golf swing to my wife.
She was quick to grasp the setup position – and even the backswing. Within a week, she was making decent contact with the ball. However, she felt she was not hitting it far enough (not getting enough distance). She was a bit perplexed […]

Why Chipping is the most important thing to practice

It is not the reason that you think it is (that it can save you lots of strokes). Yes – Chipping can be the difference between a par and a double bogey. It usually is! If that weren’t reason enough to practice chipping to death, there is another one – one that I find much […]