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Golf Tips for Beginners
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Golfing advice for amateurs (from someone who has had far too many golf lessons). Real world advice from someone who appreciates the common stumbling points in learning this challenging sport.

Starting down in one piece–the swing SEQUENCE of pros | Posted on by Golf Tips

In a previous post, we discussed ‘hitting past the chin’. Not only is this a good swing thought to carry with you to the course, almost EVERY professional player executes this move (see images below). How do you make this … Continue reading

Right foot back at address–a revolutionary concept in golf | Posted on by Golf Tips

Pulling the right foot back (just a little) while addressing the ball – can result in a dramatic improvement in your golf swing. A lot of people stumble upon this discovery on their own – and are surprised at the … Continue reading

How far from the ball should you stand?  How far should your hands be from your body? Should you bend from the waist or the hips?  Where should you ‘feel’ your body weight ? What should the role of your … Continue reading

Eye on the ball | Posted on by Golf Tips

Have you ever played a sport (involving a ball) where you were instructed to take your eye off the ball? One time, during my  soccer days, I was forced to play goalie  – tasked with keeping the goal safe. Having … Continue reading

This post is about a simple training device – known as ‘the Gate’ – which consists of nothing more than two tees placed on the ground. Placed in a specific manner, so that they form a ‘gate’ (surrounding the ball). … Continue reading

Rhythm versus Tempo in Golf | Posted on by Golf Tips

A common symptom that golfers complain about is ‘Taking their range swing to the course’. They hit it perfectly on the range – but have trouble replicating that perfection on the course.  In addition, more often than not, we are … Continue reading

How do professionals get the distance they do?  The short answer is  – ‘By Winding up the big muscles (coiling)’.  This post will describe what it is that professional golfers manage to do better than amateurs (it isn’t really that … Continue reading

Hitting past your chin–the holy grail of golf | Posted on by Golf Tips

It was during an informal duel at my golf club that I pulled off one of the most challenging approach shots (uphill lie, uphill invisible green) – and landed it within a few feet of the pin. A simple swing … Continue reading

The EYE LINE and proper alignment in golf | Posted on by Golf Tips

Alignment is one of the most challenging parts of a golf setup. Not just for amateurs, but for pros as well. In Jack Nicklaus’ biographical account (Golf My Way), Jack recounts an episode where his game was going haywire. All … Continue reading

Weight shift (from the left to the right side) is a key aspect of the golf swing, However, there is more than way to attain this weight-shift. A lot depends on your stance – and where your ‘upper body weight … Continue reading