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Golfing advice for amateurs (from someone who has had far too many golf lessons). Real world advice from someone who appreciates the common stumbling points in learning this challenging sport.

Swing Like Rory (McLRoy)–The Body Clearance Concept | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Recently, I spent a LOT of time observing Rory’s swing – in slow motion, in freeze frames and what not.  Two thing stood out to me – things that Rory does somewhat differently from a lot of tour players. These … Continue reading

The ultimate (golf) swing killer (and what to do about it) | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Apart from ( lack of ) lower body strength, the quickest destroyer of your golf swing is – TENSION. Tension in the arms is the most talked about form of tension. However, tension ANYWHERE in the upper body can be … Continue reading

Eye on the ball (Soccer) | Posted on by Anuj Varma

There isn’t a sports coach who doesn’t repeat these lines multiple times every day:
Keep your eye on the ball

This is true of any sport in which the ball is moving constantly (Golf is  a notable exception, but there are OTHER … Continue reading

Some Intangibles That Affect Your Golf Swing | Posted on by Anuj Varma

These may not be things you think of before a round of golf. I’ve found that these have a profound effect on how well and freely I swing.  The top two in my list are : Diet and Clothing

Too often … Continue reading

Golf is closer to dancing than to tennis | Posted on by Anuj Varma

If you have ever tried to learn dancing or happen to be a dancer, you know a few things about dancing.

Dancing is mostly about rhythm. Rhythm will take you further than anything else in dancing.
Overall fitness, especially core and lower … Continue reading

By now, if you’ve read ANYTHING in the world of golf instruction, you are intimately familiar with Hogan’s plane of glass (imagine a plane of glass resting on your shoulders – that you have to keep your SWING under. If … Continue reading

The all important hip bend | Posted on by Anuj Varma

An earlier post discusses this fundamental aspect of the golf setup. Without this bend, it is impossible to TURN correctly away from the ball. In this post, I discuss some of the things that can go wrong while attempting to … Continue reading

Alignment in Golf | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Most people use their FEET for alignment. Most coaches also instruct students to place a club on the ground – with the club lined up parallel to the target line. This is, in my opinion, highly error prone – since … Continue reading

Woods versus Irons–Same swing , just a different feel | Posted on by Anuj Varma

When I was learning the game, I was told by every coach I worked with , that the SWING is the SAME for the woods and the irons. This was a bit confusing for me – because I tended to … Continue reading

Driver Tee Position in Golf | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Most coaches will want you to hit the driver on the UPSWING – i.e. just after it has reached its swing bottom  and started to ascend. This is, I believe, difficult to do consistently – and provides for inconsistent ball … Continue reading