Obama quoting from Dilwaale Duhlania

In yet another indication of his ‘coolness’ factor, President Obama quoted a famous Bollywood line during his recent India visit. (Bade bade desho mein , aisee choti choti baaten…From Dilwaale duhlania). Leave it to Bollywood’s mass appeal that every Indian anywhere in the world instantly recognized the line from the first four words – which […]

Kiran Bedi’s Change of heart

Kiran Bedi was chosen by Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare due to her uncompromising ideals, her uncorrupted record and her strength of character.
Lately, all of these qualities are called into question. Her departure from the ‘anti-corruption’ party (who was willingly granting her a top leadership position), towards the BJP (who promised her the Delhi […]

Making Carrot Halwa (in pictures)

Apart from besan barfi (home made), gaajar (carrot ) halwa remains my favorite Indian dessert. Perhaps because of the way it was prepared in my house. Laboriously, painstakingly, over several hours. The ingredients are simple – the entire preparation takes 2-4 hours depending on the quantity you decide to make.

Whole Milk (an optional recipe […]

College Chicken Curry

I’ve eaten a lot of chicken curry. Restaurant chicken curry as well as home cooked. Home cooked – as in about 200 different homes. I grew up in the land of chicken curry (India) – and then continued enjoying it when I was in the land of turkey (the US. And yes – Turkey curry […]