Relativity is more math than physics

Relativity applies to all branches of physics. However, it is more of a geometrical framework – on which the laws of physics can be described. Calling relativity physics would be like calling Euclidean Geometry physics.
Accelerating frames and Special Relativity
Special relativity does not deal with accelerating observers or accelerating reference frames – is a common misunderstanding. […]

Principles versus Laws

People tend to use ‘laws’ interchangeably with ‘principles’. In reality, there is an important difference between the two – as described in this short post.
A law encompasses a specific area – e.g. mechanics is fully described by Newton’s ‘laws’ – not Newton’s principles. A principle, on the other hand, encompasses ALL natural phenomenon – and […]

Presidents and Terms – A Monte Carlo exercise using c# , .net

Consider the 24 presidents (and their corresponding 24 terms in office) in the 19th century. A student was asked to match the president to his term. Not knowing the answers, the student resorted to guessing. He had two possible strategies – one was to keep guessing the same term for every president – he was […]

On the Ether

One of the things I never fully grasped in college was the ‘Michelson Morley’ experiment. I understood what it was for (proving the constancy of the speed of light) – and understood that it proved that very well – but I never understood the concept of the ether or the ‘ether wind’ or what that […]

Asimov on Science Fiction

This is an excerpt from the introduction to the collection of stories (Nebula Award Stories) below (edited by Isaac Asimov). Asimov remains one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written everything from textbooks, science fiction, literary critiques to just about everything else. Asimov also authored a ‘guide to Shakespeare’ – which is […]

Matter Waves–Some calculations utilizing the wavelike nature of matter

Probably the most startling revelation of Quantum Theory was the postulate that all particles have a waviness to them. Initially, when this was proposed for photons, physicist were more open to accepting it – since light was already clearly a wavy phenomenon to begin with. However, when De-Broglie applied it to all matter – including […]

Modeling Traffic Flow

Traffic flow is not that different from the flow of anything else. Imagine heat flow along an iron rod or water flowing down a pipe. If you observe the traffic (on a highway) from a far enough distance, the mass of cars would appear analogous to a (slowly) flowing fluid.
Let be the density […]