4.0 and 4.5.1 on IIS6 ( Windows Server 2003)

Two points to note:
.NET 4.0/4.5.1 runtime applications ARE supported on IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) .
.NET 4.0 appears as an extension in IIS 6.  You do need to ENABLE this extension. The Web Service Extensions node (right below the Web Sites Node) lets you view and change the extensions that are allowed or prohibited. Simply […]

Tfs Server (2012 and above) installation and Configuration gotchas

Tfs requires SQL Server to be installed – and of late, it more or less mandates SQL Server Reporting Services be installled as well. I learnt this the  hard way by leaving out the SRSS components during SQL Server install – and then suffering the consequences whilst installing TFS Server.
Headaches in installing and configuring SQL […]

Sql versus NoSQL

This is a set of evolving thoughts and discoveries about NoSQL – when to use it – when not to…
  At a high level , the table shows the NoSQL analagous concepts to familiar SQL terms. 

Relational Model (SQL)
NoSQL model ( e.g. Mongo DB )



document or BSON document



table joins
embedded documents and linking

primary keySpecify any unique column […]

Proxy versus Reverse Proxy, Firewall versus Reverse Proxy

What is the difference between a proxy (forward proxy) and a reverse proxy ? What is the difference between a proxy and a firewall? This post attempt to highlight the differences.
Reverse Proxy
If you understand a web-server, you understand a REVERSE proxy server. It is JUST A WEB SERVER. With a few additional capabilities – such […]

WordPress – multiple wordpress user groups with their own Sandboxes ( multiple private blogs within a wordpress installation )

Here is a simple use case : You are building a community of users to do collaborative document editing (i.e. create word, excel documents collaboratively – multiple authors can edit – comment etc.). In addition, there may be MULTIPLE such communities – e.g. DEVELOPER community building its own documents, EXECUTIVE committee working on its own […]

TFS 2012–Features, Typical Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Hosting

TFS 2012 has a lot of new features to offer.  Adding project management features to make it a one-stop solution for larger projects, it now offers Agile and Scrum templates. Git support makes it easy to access git repositories without leaving Visual Studio.

Agile Planning  and Agile Collaboration – Templates for Scrum and Agile development. […]