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Lessons learnt from the world of Software Development, Object Oriented Design and .NET Architecture.

Workaround for session fixation | Posted on by Anuj Varma

A new security feature for Apache Tomcat 7 is Session Fixation Protection. Essentially, when a user authenticates their session, Tomcat will change the session ID. It does not destroy the previous session, rather it renames it so it is no … Continue reading

Proxy versus Reverse Proxy, Firewall versus Reverse Proxy | Posted on by Anuj Varma

What is the difference between a proxy (forward proxy) and a reverse proxy ? What is the difference between a proxy and a firewall? This post attempt to highlight the differences.
Reverse Proxy
If you understand a web-server, you understand a REVERSE … Continue reading

Here is a simple use case : You are building a community of users to do collaborative document editing (i.e. create word, excel documents collaboratively – multiple authors can edit – comment etc.). In addition, there may be MULTIPLE such … Continue reading

TFS 2012 has a lot of new features to offer.  Adding project management features to make it a one-stop solution for larger projects, it now offers Agile and Scrum templates. Git support makes it easy to access git repositories without … Continue reading

Connecting from Azure to on premise Active Directory | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Azure has a new offering – Azure AD Connect
You need an AD Admin from your enterprise to set this up.  It is a fairly straightforward wizard driven process.

Migrating TSQL to PLSQL or vice versa | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Apart from syntax differences, there are a host of logical differences – For e.g. TSQL procedures that use temp tables or locks have no counterpart in Oracle – there are dozens of such ‘logical’ differences.
From PLSQL … Continue reading

CNames versus A Records versus ALIASES | Posted on by Anuj Varma

All three (CNames, A Records and Aliases) map names to IP Addresses. The difference between these is:

The A record maps a name to one or more IP addresses, when the IP are known and stable.
The CNAME record maps a name … Continue reading

Load balancing in IIS | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Earlier versions of IIS (6.0 and earlier) worked with Windows Load Balancer (WLB).  For later versions, Microsoft offers an IIS extension called ARR (Application Request Router). With Azure hosted sites, one can use the Azure Load Balancer.
Microsoft’s Application Request Router … Continue reading

App developers typically require ownership of the database that they are working on. This translates to giving them dbo (DB Owner) rights on the database. A dbo can do almost anything – including drop a database. To prevent an accidental … Continue reading

More often than not, an n-Tier has a tier that needs to communicate across a network. More often than not, network latency issues are beyond the control of the software development team. However, there are a few weapons in the … Continue reading