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Lessons learnt from the world of Software Development, Object Oriented Design and .NET Architecture.

Newer technologies for the | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Some recent libraries and products that are making today’s development task easy (this is an ongoing effort…this list will be updated periodically)  Background Task Processing  http://hangfire.io/ Caching and Messaging Redis is basically a key value (in-memory) storage. Redis clusters are … Continue reading

DisplayPort or HDMI port takes over audio of PC | Posted on by Anuj Varma

You can either revert back to your PC speakers or you can continue to use your HDMI monitor as the audio output source. If you want to revert to the PC speakers for your audio , try Start > Control Panel … Continue reading

Add single quotes around values in excel column | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Go to Format –> Cells –> Custom Type ‘@’

Oracle RAC equivalent for SQL Server? | Posted on by Anuj Varma

What RAC features are you interested in? If you are interested in having a large SHARED memory pool that can host multiple tenants (multiple apps), then SQL Server Enterprise can provide you with that memory pool. The maximum memory for … Continue reading

Oracle RAC equivalent for SQL Server? | Posted on by Anuj Varma

There are two main reasons for using an Oracle RAC. A shared, ‘multi-tenant’ environment which scales seamlessly to increasing load. And a high-availability cluser which provides a redundant node (or nodes) in the event of failure.  If you are interested … Continue reading

jqBootstrapValidation – Getting glyphicons to align correctly | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Using the form validation jquery library (jqBootstrapValidation), it is possibly to dynamically assign icons to input elements. The type of icons displayed are controlled by the icon property shown below. The problem I ran into was the ALIGNMENT of these … Continue reading

Enable javascript debugger – works for chrome and IE | Posted on by Anuj Varma

function onClick(detailUrl){debugger;}

The Death of Microsoft is greatly exaggerated… | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Not a day goes by without someone predicting the untimely death of Microsoft. Either due to declining Windows Revenues or due to their failed MOBILE venture (misventures).  Here is why I think the ‘death’ of Microsoft is not just exaggerated, … Continue reading

Change default chart colors in EXCEL | Posted on by Anuj Varma

If you have tried to change the default chart colors in Excel, prior to 2013, it was a bit of a challenge. From Excel 2013 onwards, themes is the way you can address color schemes for all charts and visualizations.  … Continue reading

Insert mode on keyboard stops working in Visual Studio | Posted on by Anuj Varma

The text cursor changes and you are unable to INSERT anything in between text. Symptoms In Visual Studio (any version), the text cursor changes to a blinking grey box which overwrites the text in front of it. Solution Lower right … Continue reading