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Lessons learnt from the world of Software Development, Object Oriented Design and .NET Architecture.

Some options for load testing web applications | Posted on by Anuj Varma

These two tools are commonly used for load testing web applications. 1. Fiddler (free) 2. Visual Studio Ultimate – Web Performance Test Editor (comes with VS Ultimate) Fiddler is really easy to get started with.  There are several online videos. … Continue reading

The benefits of Agile Development | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Why Agile? Agility avoids disasters before they happen.  Two key aspects of agile development: Software is in an always ‘releasable’ state (working prototype). Test Driven development catches bugs before they make it out of the development environment. Requirements change – even … Continue reading

Azure – Failed to Create Virtual Machine | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Usually, Azure gives meaningful messages when a VM creation fails. However, for a while, I was getting a non-descript error message Failed to Create Virtual Machine xyz…(clicking on details also gave the same message) This happened whether I tried creating … Continue reading

Azure Usage Scenarios | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Interesting usage scenarios from Azure I need a web front end with background processing and database backend to run business applications integrated with on premise assets. I need a reliable way to host my corporate website that scales well and … Continue reading

Azure Automation Service ( can save you money ) | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Peak Usage Hours (for your web application) If your usage hours for your IaaS instances (VMs) or Azure Website is going to be 7 AM to 7 PM, you should avoid paying for hosting between 7pm and 7am daily. Depending … Continue reading

Enable IIS logging | Posted on by Anuj Varma

To Enable Logging Fire up Programs and Features then click on Turn Windows features on or off on the left side then select Internet Information Services\World Wide Web Services\Health and Diagnostics\HTTP Logging Location of Log files %SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles OR C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1    

Rendering PDF in a modal popup – asp.net mvc | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Recently, I had to display a PDF (a pdf report, sent to my app as a byte stream) in a popup window. In asp.net MVC, using bootstrap, I was able to create a modal popup to CONTAIN the pdf. The … Continue reading

Uploading an app to iTunes first timer – some things to watch out | Posted on by Anuj Varma

  Releasing your app on the iTunes app store can be a little tricky. Since each app is first ‘reviewed’ by Apple, you are given one good shot at getting it right. Let us say you found some bugs – … Continue reading

Creating and Using Drop Down lists in Excel | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Using the drop down list values in a cell In the Cell, Click Data >Data Validation. On the Settings tab, in the Allow box, click List. In the Source box, type and equal sign (=), immediately followed by the name … Continue reading

Multiple Applications Single IIS Server | Posted on by Anuj Varma

First, do not confuse an IIS Website (or simply a ‘site’) with an application. Within a single site, one can host multiple applications. Each application typically gets its own folder and its own app pool. Say you have a new … Continue reading