Take an existing PPT theme and apply it to another presentation

I don’t know why Microsoft has to change things around completely with every new release of MS Office. However, if you have an existing MS PPT 2010 presentation – and need to save that as a THEME (new name for TEMPLATE) – and apply that theme to another presentation , this is what you need […]

Changing existing powerpoint slides to widescreen

If you are stuck with a non-widescreen template (theme), you may still be able to show your LIVE presentation in widescreen mode. This can be done by:

Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size.

Change from Standard (4:3) to Widescreen (16:9)

Make sure you check whether all your content is still fitting correctly on the resized […]

Adding CHECK mark symbols in Powerpoint

“Insert” from the top menu of PowerPoint

“Symbol” from the set of options.

Find “Wingdings” from the “Font” drop-down menu.

The check mark symbol is towards the end of the list of wingdings font symbols.
That’s it  – pick the check mark and increase its size (and set its color to GREEN for CHECK). I usually set […]