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Take an existing PPT theme and apply it to another presentation | Posted on by Anuj Varma

I don’t know why Microsoft has to change things around completely with every new release of MS Office. However, if you have an existing MS PPT 2010 presentation – and need to save that as a THEME (new name for … Continue reading

Changing default font in Outlook | Posted on by Anuj Varma

I do not like the default Outlook fonts. I prefer Palatino Linotype for all my new messages. In addition, I like to specifically mark MY responses – in an email chain – so that people do not confuse who said … Continue reading

Changing existing powerpoint slides to widescreen | Posted on by Anuj Varma

If you are stuck with a non-widescreen template (theme), you may still be able to show your LIVE presentation in widescreen mode. This can be done by:

Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size.

Change from Standard (4:3) to Widescreen … Continue reading

Changing Powerpoint Theme ( changing template) | Posted on by Anuj Varma

What used to be Applying a new template to an existing powerpoint presentation, has become Changing the theme for an existing presentation.
Step 1 – Open SLIDE MASTER (Under the File Menu)

Step 2 – View the THEME (and change it by … Continue reading

Grouping column by its values – and getting an accurate count (or sum)

Select the Column
Click the Data tab (or press Alt-A on keyboard)
Click Subtotal icon (or press B on keyboard)

To NOT show the wrapped text as ############ in excel | Posted on by Anuj Varma

To NOT show the wrapped text as ############ in excel
The cell formatting is set to text as it should be. Change it to SPECIAL.. That fixes it.

Winning eBay Auctions | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Do not place a bid – wait till the last 10 seconds of the auction.
Think of your MAX bid – a lot higher than the current bid. This is because – in the last few seconds – everyone will try … Continue reading

Adding CHECK mark symbols in Powerpoint | Posted on by Anuj Varma

“Insert” from the top menu of PowerPoint

“Symbol” from the set of options.

Find “Wingdings” from the “Font” drop-down menu.

The check mark symbol is towards the end of the list of wingdings font symbols.
That’s it  – pick the check mark … Continue reading

Changing Outlook’s Theme–making it less bright | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Outlook’s default color scheme is far too bright and hurts the eyes. Fortunately, some other themes are built into the product. To get to these options,  navigate from the File menu
File-> Options-> General
And change the color scheme as shown below:
  … Continue reading

Insert documents in Outlook Body | Posted on by Anuj Varma

For some reason, I prefer the inserts to be in the body as opposed to attachments. They are easier to get to (by the recipient) and they can be placed inside tables etc.- making the message more readable.
By default, Outlook … Continue reading