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Changing Outlook’s Theme–making it less bright | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Outlook’s default color scheme is far too bright and hurts the eyes. Fortunately, some other themes are built into the product. To get to these options,  navigate from the File menu
File-> Options-> General
And change the color scheme as shown below:
  … Continue reading

Insert documents in Outlook Body | Posted on by Anuj Varma

For some reason, I prefer the inserts to be in the body as opposed to attachments. They are easier to get to (by the recipient) and they can be placed inside tables etc.- making the message more readable.
By default, Outlook … Continue reading

In Excel (2007 and above), place each list of values in its own column. Now,

Select cells in first list, then hold CTRL key and then select the second
Go to Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values. At this … Continue reading

Multiple iphones (iOS devices) – One PC | Posted on by Anuj Varma

How do you sync multiple devices to one iTunes? 
In general, one iTunes instance = one device – try and change devices and you have a nightmare on your hands. However, I came across a method where I could at … Continue reading

Finding out your full domain and username on windows | Posted on by Anuj Varma

From a DOS prompt, type echo %USERNAME% /domain . This should return your username as registered in the current domain.
Full Domain Name
I can never  remember the full domain name – an easy way to look it up is to type … Continue reading

Inserting code snippets into MS Word documents | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Step 1 – Insert Object from MS Word’s INSERT menu. Select OBJECT from the drop-down (as opposed to ‘Text from file’).

Step 2 – You should see an ‘Object’ pop-up – that contains a list of ‘object types’ that you can … Continue reading

Outlook messages open up in MS Word | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Here’s what happens – you open outlook to compose a new message (or reply to an existing one). Instead of Outlook as your editor, MS Word takes over at this point. Confusion ensues – since Word’s window is always hidden … Continue reading

Facebook– Essential Missing Functionality | Posted on by Anuj Varma

For the world’s leading social networking site, these missing features are inexcusable:

Unable to edit status updates (there’s a trick that can be used on updates containing images – but not on regular, non-image updates).
‘Send’ button (e.g. while messaging someone) – … Continue reading

iTunes 11–Missing sidebar and File menu | Posted on by Anuj Varma

Not sure why these are hidden by default on the Windows version of iTunes.

To recover the File menu bar –> CTRL B
To recover the sidebar –> CTRL S


Of the many things I miss in the Classic Windows View – the Windows Explorer navigation is one of them. In Windows 7, the navigation pane (the leftmost pane), does not have the same folder as the rightmost pane (the … Continue reading