GoDaddy Removes Ticketing and Email Support

GoDaddy’s media representatives and asked why the options were removed and why they weren’t more forthcoming about the changes. Nick Fuller, a GoDaddy representative explained that email consistently finished last as far as their customers’ preferred method of help.

No Ticketing System

Trust GoDaddy to present a bold faced lie and hope everyone buys it. This was THE most preferred help system – as is obvious from the comments  of GoDaddy customers.

Rather that sit and mope about it, we should all pay heed to the last comment on the list of comments linked to above:

The choice, really, is not to try to put up with all the GoDaddy nonsense but to move your sites, databases, domains, and all they have sold you out of there as soon as you can. Of course it will be painful, but in the long run you’ll be glad you did. Then stay clear of GoDaddy altogether.

I have started implementing this strategy due to my experience with GoDaddy:

  1. Incompetence of technical support – once you DO get hold of them (which is a challenge in itself).  THey could not even get a simple wordpress install to work after a 2 hour support call.
  2. No notification if something goes wrong with your site due to THEIR own fault. This is a provider where I have had three different sites go down (on different occasions) – without me touching anything anywhere on the site. I only found out due to a googlebot result showing me that my site was down.
  3. Never any acceptance of responsibility for errors on their part. This is also obvious from the statement by the godaddy rep – Nick Fuller – pointing to CUSTOMERS as not wanting their support ticketing system. When it was clearly the number one preferred way to get help.

For those who are interested, look into moving to Azure or AWS – Azure offers a great starter credit as well – and is a little more intuitive (their dashboard that is).

No way to update Domain Contact Info (Email of contact)

I used to be a big fan of their domain registration and management portal. It was so convenient to see all your domains in one place, get auto-notified of upcoming renewals and what not. Except – they refuse to change the email on any of my domain contacts. Let me rephrase that – they are UNABLE to – inspite of their top most tech support folks tackling the issue. So – my renewal email notifications still go to a 10 year old email account – that I cannot get rid of – thanks to godaddy’s incompetency. And to this day – whenever I call them about this issue – they tell me its a cinch

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