Golf–The Dancer’s Advantage

The ‘turning and twisting’ motions in dancing are smooth – not in the least ‘aggressive’. A few notable aspects of dancing include:

  1. Dancing is mostly about rhythm. Rhythm will take you further than anything else in dancing.
  2. Overall fitness, especially core and lower body – are crucial to becoming a GOOD dancer.
  3. A MECHANICAL approach is antithetical to learning dance – which leads me to the most important aspect of dance.

Don’t think, feel!

Every dancer knows that when the music starts, their thinking needs to STOP altogether. That is the only way their body will be able to flow with the music. Try and CONSCIOUSLY (using your mind) produce your dance moves  – and your movements will be a disaster.

By now, every golfer would have realized the analogy with playing a round of golf. Try and be mechanical – and overthink the swing – and you are asking for trouble. Try and swing rhythmically – without caring about mechanics, and you will hit some flush shots (and also find the activity more enjoyable).


All the ingredients that go into making a great dancer , also go into making a great golfer.  A sense of rhythm (being able to swing in tempo), a strong lower body and most importantly, a switching off of all mechanical thoughts as you get into the round.

Amateur golfer with no real claim to fame (unless club championships count). Sharing knowledge obtained from (far too many) golf lessons – from far too many pros.

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