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A few days after completing an antibiotics course, I developed sever bloating and sensitivity in my lower abdomen. This did not go away for several days. What I was experiencing was a flare-up of IBS. Before you read any suggestions in this post, I heartily recommend this article on curing an IBS flare up (without meds).

My IBS Symptoms

– Lower abdomen sensitive to the touch- both sides – right and left
– bloating after meals. Like serious, severe bloating. Not the kind that a gasX would relieve.
– constipation and loss of appetite, Alternatively diarrhea and loss of appetite.. Again, this was severe – like I wouldn’t feel like eating even after hours of working/exercising.
– Frequent urination

There are several other symptoms – including fatigue and mood swings – but for me, the top ones are listed above.

Foods that soothe

  1. Avocados – work very well in soothing the inflammation
  2. Apply vitamin E Oil (slice open a capsule) on the outer stomach/abdomen. Let it soak in.
  3. Fish oil reduces gut inflammation.
  4. Plenty of (cool) Fluids – fresh water, coconut water.

Probiotics and Digestive enzymes

  1. Probiotics – Look into VSL3 – which is often covered by insurance providers if you have been diagnosed with IBS.
  2. Coconut water – This does double duty  – anti inflammatory and probiotic at the same time.
  3. Add digestive enzymes to meals – Chewable Papain works best for me.

Foods to Avoid

Hot foods or fluids – only have at room temp. Hot fluids aggravate the inflammation.

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