Interstellar Travel – Some Mind Boggling Calculations

Redefining distances – 1 A.U. – Astronomical Unit (Distance between Sun and Earth) = 150 million kilometres, 

Redefine 1 A.U. = 1 cm

  1. Solar System (radius) = 1 foot on this scale. Far Extreme of the Solar System (Oort Cloud) = 1640 feet 
  2. Takes us 2.5 years to travel 2 INCHES (to Jupiter) ! That equates to 15 years to travel ONE FOOT!
  3. Proxima Centauri, our nearest star is 2 miles (10,500 feet). That would take us 15 years times 10,500 = 157,500 YEARS to travel to our nearest star (other than the Sun) ! Of course, that is the time that an earth-stuck observer will measure. The actual time taken by the traveler will be less – in fact can be as little as 40 years – based on current technology.

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