Karthik calling Karthik – Movie Review

First off, if you’re going to watch Karthik calling Karthik (KCK for the rest of the review), DO NOT read any of the reviews out there. If they give away any part of the movie, it will effectively ruin the movie for you. So – I am going to keep this review as basic and non-story-lined as I can.

Story Line KCK is a suspense thriller (or if you prefer, a psychological thriller) – with a romantic angle thrown in. Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) is an overly meek and timid person – who gets pushed around by everyone. One fine day – he starts getting periodic phone calls from someone who pretends to be Karthik – i.e. himself. That is all I can say about the main story-line – if I say anything else, I may give away more than necessary.

Acting Both Farhan and Deepika were outstanding in their respective roles. Equally importantly – the supporting cast (those parts that the director usually doesn’t pay much attention to) – are also very good (most of them are fairly well respected TV/bollywood actors).

Script The touches of humor are brilliant – and in Farhan’s inimitable style – are delivered in a understated, tongue-in-cheek manner. If you’ve liked Farhan in any of his ‘Oye its Friday’ (popular tv talk show) episodes, you have a good idea of his sense of humor. Just as a personal aside, I thought he was by far the most creative and hilarious of all the people who tried similar shows (Karan Johan, Farah Khan and others included…)

Direction The direction is such that it manages to hold the audience in suspense throughout the movie. In addition, there are a couple of scenes where one actually gets scared. I believe this is Vijay Lalwani’s first movie – and I cannot wait for his future works.

Music This, for me, was a pleasant bonus along with a great movie. I did not go in expecting great music – or any music really (after all, it is meant to be a suspense thriller). However, I was pleasantly surprised by both ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Uf Teri Ada’. While ‘Hey Ya’ is the heavily advertised song (and is admittedly a catchy tune), ‘Uf Teri Ada’ has – in my books – achieved the status of ‘Bebo Mein Bebo’ or ‘Tum Mile’. In fact, when ‘Bebo Mein Bebo’ came out, I heard it over and over again. I find myself doing the same with ‘Uff Teri Ada’. Nothing wrong with a foot tapping catchy beat every now and then…

Summary If you liked ‘A Wednesday’ (not that KCK has anything to do with terrorism) or ‘Samay’ (a detective thriller) – you will like KCK. In yet another break from regular bollywood movies, it is only 2 hours and change in length. Oh – I almost forgot to mention – for the 50% of the audience with the Y chromosome, Deepika looks stunning (and may be worth the price of the ticket itself). All in all, a captivating movie with a decent romantic angle, decent music and an extremely good story.

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