Keeping the spine angle (constant) in the Golf Swing


The Importance of keeping the spine angle constant throughout the swing is emphasized almost universally by golf instructors. The trouble is –  how do you know you are doing it correctly? Coaches talk about maintaining this angle throughout the golf swing – but offer little insight into how to accomplish this.

What the heck is my SPINE angle?

I don’t know about you, but I am unable to SEE my spine. Not the base of my spine, not the top – nor the middle. So – it is a little hard to visualize the STRAIGHTNESS of my spine – or it’s tilt angle (as measured from a level ground).


Enter the collarbone. While I find it difficult to visualize my spine, I can (practically) SEE – and FEEL my collarbone. Armed with this insight, I discovered something interesting:

If my collarbone retains its angle, so does my spine !

It was really as simple as that. Shifting your attention away from the spine  – and toward the collarbone  – will help you maintain a constant spine angle throughout your swing.  It will also force you to RAISE your chin – so that your shoulders can turn under it (this was something that Tiger himself struggled with – and needed correction from time to time).


The (unassuming) COLLARBONE provides a simple and effective way to MAINTAIN your spine angle throughout the swing.  Keeping this angle fixed prevents your head from bobbing up and down (as well as your hips from sinking) – and achieves the objective of maintaining the spine angle. Let us know what you think – if this works for you or not.  If you have a better suggestion for maintaining the spine angle, please feel free to share.

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