Learn ASP.NET using C#–3 day course

Day 1 – Intro to C#, Object Oriented Programming and .NET CLR

C# Language Fundamentals

  • Learn the role of the Main() method
  • Process user provided command line arguments
  • Define basic C# classes
  • Examine looping and decision constructs
  • Learn the role of the out, ref and params keywords
  • Understand optional and named arguments
  • Understand the role of method overloading

Object Oriented Programming with C#

  • Understand the role of encapsulation
  • Work with C# property syntax
  • Understand object initialization syntax
  • Understand the scope of the “static” keyword
  • Define constant and read-only data
  • Use inheritance to establish parent / child relationships between classes
  • Define a “polymorphic interface” for a family of classes
  • Work with virtual and abstract methods
  • Work with structured exception handling (try / catch / throw / finally)
  • Understand the role of interfaces
  • Know the rules of explicit type casting

Understanding .NET Assemblies

  • Examine the internal composition of .NET assemblies
  • Distinguish between private and shared assemblies
  • Create application configuration files (*.config)
  • Understand the .NET versioning scheme
  • Install shared assemblies into the GAC
  • Understand the role of publisher policy assemblies

Comprehensive ADO.NET

  • Understand the basic ADO.NET model
  • Work with DataReaders
  • Work with DataSets and DataAdapters
  • Work with the DataView class

Day 2 – ASP.NET – Web Forms development using Visual Studio

Introduction to ASP.NET

Web Application Fundamentals

Using Internet Information Services

Web Forms


Web Services

ASP.NET Features


Web Forms Architecture

Page Class

Web Forms Life Cycle

Web Forms Event Model




Request/Response Programming

HttpRequest Class

HTTP Collections

HttpResponse Class


HttpUtility Class


 Web Applications Using Visual Studio

Using Visual Web Developer

Visual Studio Forms Designer

Using Components

Using the Global.asax File


Common Web Controls 

Data Binding

ASP.NET Repeater

ASP.NET DataGridView


Day 3

State Management and Web Applications

Session State

Application State

Multithreading Issues



Caching in ASP.NET

What Is Caching?

Page-Level Caching

Page Fragment Caching

Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application

Application Caching


ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals

Configuration Overview

Authentication and Authorization

Forms Authentication

Windows Authentication

Security and ASP.NET


Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling


Application Tracing

Page Tracing

Error Handling



Model-View-Controller Pattern

What is ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC versus Web Forms

ASP.NET MVC Projects in Visual Studio


Action Methods and Routing


Strongly-Typed Views

Model Binding


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