Mindfulness takes energy

Staying in the present moment takes energy.

This may seem counter-intuitive to those who have been taught that mindfulness is ‘no-thought’ and complete relaxation (as much as possible). How can that possibly take ANY energy?

The mind is constantly racing to the NEXT moment – and the moment after the NEXT moment. Or it is reaching back into the past. To avoid this ‘forward and backward’ movement of the mind, one needs to APPLY The BRAKES..

Applying brakes takes energy. It takes energy to ensure your mind does not SPEED away from the current moment.


A direct corollary of the above is that the ‘right energy’ is that energy that is spent in Mindfulness.

Energy spent in activities that do not have the ‘brakes applied’ so to speak, is wasteful energy. Not just wasteful, but also ‘bad karma fetching’ – since it may end up hurting/destroying others.

Thich Nhat Hahn

According to this great living Buddhist sage of our time, the sole purpose of life is to spend it in Mindfulness. To spend each moment in the current moment. Doing anything else is counterproductive at best – and can lead to ‘bad karma’ at worst.

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