Overcoming a Severe Allergic Reaction ( Respiratory)

Whenever I react strongly to air pollutants, two symptoms immediately emerge – an inflamed throat – and inflamed air passages (wheezing sound while exhaling).

For the Throat

For severe inflammation, prednisone (oral steroid) provides quick relief. Some soothing throat relief is provided by

  1. Prednisone – 5 day course of oral steroids
  2. Throat lozenges – especially strepsils
  3. Vitamin E oil ( I just open a Vitamin E capsule and swallow the oil. It provides instant relief)
  4. Plenty of water – 8 to 10 glasses a day

For the bronchial passages

  1. Pulmicort Inhaler – inhaled steroids – also prove to me to work better than the ‘Rescue Inhalers’ like ProAir, Albuterol etc.
  2. Prednisone – also reduces passage inflammation along with throat inflammation.

Long Term Maintenance

For long term maintenance, breathing exercises and certain supplements help. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) are supposedly the best long term cure – I am yet to try these – so am unable to comment.

  1. Immunotherapy – Allergy Shots
  2. Throat care – Raw Honey and Vitamin E oil
  3. Breathing Exercises – Especially Pranayama and Ujjaiyi breathing
  4. Homeopathic – The lure of a permanent cure (reducing your sensitivity to allergens). This requires a 1-1 consultation with a homeopath

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