Playlist for Adele Fans

So – you’re an Adele fan – and just can’t get enough of her music. You might even have an ‘Adele’ station on Pandora. Here’s a list of suggestions of similar artists/songs that you might also like.

  1. Set Fire to the Rain
  2. Someone like you – Adele
  3. Back to december – Taylor Swift
  4. Come away with me – Norah Jones
  5. Glitter in the air – Pink
  6. I’m yours – Jason Mraz
  7. Use Somebody  – Laura Jensen
  8. New Soul – Yael Naim
  9. Turning Tables – Adele
  10. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy
  11. Daydreamer – Adele
  12. Don’t you remember – Adele 
  13. Arms – Christina Perri
  14. Fear – Sarah Mclachlan
  15. Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister
  16. Fly  – I believe I can fly (Glee performance)
  17. Here’s to Us – Halestorm
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