Problem books for advanced math ( and physics ) students

How often have you stared at a math problem, unsure of where to begin? The thing is, most math books cover the basic lemmas and theorems – but provide little instruction on the TYPES of problems those lemmas can help with.

So – back to us staring intently at our problem, and finding no easy way out.  These books fill this important gap. By providing the first step (where do I start), these problems are all based around those terrible abstract theorems – and bring those theorems to life (to me, a theorem by itself is the most boring piece of scientific literature). However, seeing a theorem in ‘action’ – by applying it to solve a tough mathematical problem; now that’s a little more fun!

Here is a list of books on pure math problems (Algebra, Differential Calculus, Real and Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra and more….) Please comment if I am missing your favorite math problem book (or mathematical physics problem book) !

Pure Math

Mathematical Physics

General Physics  problems (for Ph.D. Qualifiers)


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