Problem books for advanced math ( and physics ) students

How often have you stared at a math (or physics) problem, unsure of where to begin?  Most math books are unusually pedantic and dull – all in an attempt to be more ‘rigorous’. Screw rigor, I say.  Students are looking for a deeper understanding – lemmas, theorems are certainly not the way to provide that deep understanding.

These books fill this important gap. By providing the first step (where do I start), these problems bring those abstract theorems to life.

Here is a list of my favorite books on pure math problems (Algebra, Differential Calculus, Real and Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra and more….) , theoretical (Ph.D. level physics) and mathematical physics problems.  Some of the Web Resources also have solutions to common graduate textbook problems ( Goldstein , Jackson , Griffiths , Peskin Schroder ,  Shankar  , Klauber , Merzbacher)

Pure Math

Mathematical Physics

General Physics  problems (for Ph.D. Qualifiers)

Web Resources

GoldStein Solutions
  J.D. Jackson Solutions

Please comment if I am missing your favorite math problem book (or mathematical physics problem book) ! Also see Rare Finds in Relativity

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