Rory’s swing and my (somewhat correct) analysis thereof

Rory made headlines by revealing his top 5 secrets to Rory’s brand of golf. How he sets up, how he swings back, how he swings through etc.

a) What I said – Body Clearance

Months ago, I made a quick analysis of Rory’s swing. The first thing that struck me about his swing was his SETUP position. How much CLEARANCE (body clearance) he had.

a) What Rory said – Body Clearance

Rory also points this out in his first tip – how to get into an active address position. He talks  about having enough ‘clearance’ for the arms to swing freely. Of course, a pre-requisite for that is to have your arms hanging freely at setup

b) What I said – bend from the hips, so your upper body can turn freely

b) What Rory said – Flat back – bend from the hips (Activate your address position)




There are some more similarities between the post I wrote long before Rory provided his own analysis of his golf setup. However, the main takeaway is the body clearance concept. With Rory’s setup, it is the most telling and most obvious element. His whole body is already ‘out of his way’ – for him to freely swing his arms. From here, as long as he keeps his balance on his backswing – he is bound to get the club back in the correct slot – and be able to swing down freely, with all his might.

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