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I was underwhelmed at the ‘safe’ domain search agents available. I particular encountered trust issues with some of the bigger registrars out there – including and hostgator.

Two options that have worked well for me so far (in that, I cannot discern any name grabbing happening)

  1. Suso’s Safer Domain Availability Checker 
  2. Whois query directly from your windows (or Mac, Linux) computer

The second option is the SAFEST – since it involves no middle servers to speak of (nowhere that the search query can be logged).

Download the whois client for windows 

Type the following in a command prompt window

whois [-v] domainname

Summary : It is hard enough finding an available domain name. Add to that the frustration of not knowing whether your registrar will truly help you check it’s availability – and you run into a lose-lose situation.


The two search options listed above have worked well for me. I have managed to register whatever I searched for. If you know of other safe search options, do share.

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