Some Intangibles That Affect Your Golf Swing

These may not be things you think of before a round of golf. I’ve found that these have a profound effect on how well and freely I swing.  The top two in my list are : Diet and Clothing



Too often have I rushed over to the first tee, fully caffeinated  – and ready to swing out of my shoes. Or having eaten a large meal – to sustain myself through the upcoming 18 holes. Here is what I have discovered regarding what to eat and how much to eat prior to a golf round.

Eat as much as you want – as long as it is a RAW diet. RAW foods have an unbelievable way of sustaining energy levels –better than all the caffeine and sweets that you can pour down your throat. My suggestion:

Hit the salad bar before your golf round.

Eat LOTS of the raw veggies – as much as you like. A sweet here and there (like a small muffin or a small chocolate bar) will not hurt – as long as the main meal is the RAW salad.  If you are unable to find a salad bar, raw fruits and nuts will work  – although not as well as raw veggies.


T-Shirts and Shorts – two simple clothing items – that golfers seem to overcomplicate.

T-Shirts: Part of the problem arises  from the insistence of golf clubs on collared T-Shirts. Purely by accident, I played in a plain cotton T shirt one day – one that fit snugly over my body frame. And I swung better than ever before. Part of it had to do with my T-Shirt collar (or sleeves) not interfering with my swing. I know it may sound like a trivial thing, but if you have the opportunity, try it. Just a plain, soft cotton TShirt – one that fits you snugly – not too loose. And see how different your swing feels.

Shorts: I prefer the lightest of light – maybe pure polyester or silk – but some fabric that is moisture resistant as well.


Instead of fine tuning your swing, sometimes simple things affect your golf swing more than you realize. These are simple preparatory steps you can take to enable yourself to swing freely (wear the right clothing) and stay energized (eat a RAW diet) throughout your next round of golf.

Amateur golfer with no real claim to fame (unless club championships count). Sharing knowledge obtained from (far too many) golf lessons – from far too many pros.

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