Error during deployment of resource – Subscription is not registered in region–error while publishing to Azure Websites or Azure API Apps

This was a frustrating error – trying to publish your VS web app to an Azure Website, gives a long-winded error message about regions and subscriptions…



The workaround – Change your default region settings

Step 1 – Check if windows powershell is installed

Get-Module PowerShellGet -list | Select-Object Name,Version,Path

Step 2 – Install Azure Powershell from the Windows PS command

Install-Module AzureRM

Step 3 – Run the following from Azure Powershell

  1. Login-AzureRmAccount // Enter credentials to correct to your subscription
  2. $resource = Get-AzureRmResource  
  3. $resource | where { $_.ResourceType -eq ‘Microsoft.insights/autoscalesettings’ } | Remove-AzureRmResource  
  4. $resource | where { $_.ResourceType -eq ‘Microsoft.insights/alertrules’ } | Remove-AzureRmResource 

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