Success with the 3 wood

One of the biggest problems stems from thinking of the 3 wood as a ‘stepped-down’ driver. When we think of it as such, we try to set up just as we do with a driver. In fact, we increase our stance width to where it is a tad too wide. This extra stance width destroys the upper body’s connectedness on the backswing – causing all kinds of trouble.

Instead of thinking of the 3 wood as a ‘mini-driver’, think of it as a ‘glorified’ 3 iron! This automatically makes your stance width smaller (than the original driver width) – and also adjusts the right side’s position to freely go through the ball (as with all irons). The narrowed stance width provides upper body connectedness on the way back – leading to optimal weight shift (and coil). 


Stance width for 3 iron (narrower than a 3 wood or a driver width)

Sean Foley

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