The Death of Microsoft is greatly exaggerated…

Not a day goes by without someone predicting the untimely death of Microsoft. Either due to declining Windows Revenues or due to their failed MOBILE venture (misventures). 

Here is why I think the ‘death’ of Microsoft is not just exaggerated, but a total myth.

 XBOX revenues were over $20B (and are now competing with Windows total revenues), Microsoft Azure (at one point a distant 5th place contender) is the second largest Cloud vendor (not just cloud infrastructure – but cloud marketplace included) – and BING is the second most popular search engine (though granted – by a huge margin).  

 While I wouldn’t call BING a superhit, both XBOX and Azure are! They exemplify what Microsoft excels at – making complex user interfaces dummy- proof and FUN to use. The Linux and java world user interfaces (aesthetically speaking) still belong to 1990 – and have yet to evolve beyond that.

 And finally, it looks like Microsoft is able to recognize defeat and move on – IE is being retired (Microsoft was LAST in realizing that no one was using IE except for downloading chrome and firefox)….These are all positive signs…IMO, not only is Microsoft NOT going away…they are winning in the most competitive tech fights of the future (Cloud computing, big data implementations, Entertainment devices…).



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