The energy wasted by thought

How much energy is wasted in ‘worrisome’ thoughts. When you are working, just work. When you are walking, just walk. When you are speaking, just speak. When you are listening, just listen.

If you do this, your actions will be in accord with the Universe. Even if you end up rubbing someone the wrong way or getting into some hot water, that is in accord with where the Universe wants you to head. Something better will result from it.

 If you are steadfast in focusing on your current action, you are doing all that the Universe ever wanted of you. Since you are doing your part, the Universe also does its part. In a fast flowing stream, struggling will get you nowhere. Relaxing and flowing with the stream will take you further than struggling. If you do your part (quit struggling), the Universe (stream) will carry you along just fine.

 You must have complete confidence in the ability of the Universe to do this. 

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