Truly Ergonomic–TECK keyboard review

Based on a positive review of the TECK keyboard (on anandtech), I decided to try this keyboard. Here is my feedback.

1. The mechanical keys on this keyboard are the least mechanical ones I have ever seen. Having worked on various mechanical keyboards, I find it hard to believe that this keyboard has truly mechanical keys. There is just no comparison.

2. For me, the keyboard was DOA – in that the space bar did not work. I thought this would be a simple matter of returning/replacing this item. Was I ever wrong.  This leads me to my main point about this company:

3. This company operates like a scam/ripoff company. They do not have a telephone number that you can call. They do not respond to online queries (you can a message saying – you will hear from someone in 2 days – you never do).
Also, I originally thought this was accidental – but no longer think so. The credit card payment option does not work on their website. Only paying directly (paypal or bank account) works.

There is already a ripoff report ( filed by someone who had a similar experience to mine.

When I posted a comment on the anandtech review, highlighting my negative experience, they removed the comment. Curious.  In any case, as the anandtech review points out, this keyboard also has a serious learning curve. I never got that far since my space key did not work – that made it useless for me. I tried remapping the space bar to another key – and worked with that for a while – but even so – the complete lack of the mechanical feel just left me disappointed.

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  • They didn’t even reply to my sales inquiry email. Idiots. I think what happens is they outsourced a large batch of keyboards and the whole batch was faulty, so now they are trying to shift the whole batch and go out of business as soon as they get their money back. It’s a pity because it was a great concept.

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