WinForms and Advanced UI Programming in .NET, Anuj Varma

  • 3rd Party UI Libraries: Advanced UI Controls including 3rd party datagrids, list controls, tabbed layouts etc. may be required to meet the needs of today’s enterprise data. Syncfusion and Infragistics are among 3rd party UI controls that I have been able to work with extensively on behalf of my clients.
  • Datagrids: Customized datagrids for handling heirarchical data, grouping and sorting of large volumes of data. Sophisticated datagrid (syncfusion) that accepts a variety of data feeds, supports cell-level updates, advanced grouping options, custom formatting, grid export to various formats, in-grid calculations (excel like) and other advanced grid capabilities. If your application handles large volumes of data and needs to display them efficiently, contact me to see if I can help.
  • Multiple application UI Support: Complete decoupling of business model and UI: Most MVC implementations accomplish decoupling upto a certain point – but still tie the application to a particular type of interface (e.g. web or desktop). A truly decoupled design creates a Model layer which can exportto any type of UI – web, desktop, mobile etc. If your application is in need of multiple UI display types (web, mobile devices, desktop), my UI experience may be valuable.
  • Unit Testing UI Components: Typically, writing unit tests for UI components has been a challenging task. With advances in tools such as NUnitForms and Cassini (simple http server), it is possible to automate unit testing of UI components. Contact me to see how I can help write an automated test suite for your application.
  • Overall Framework design: For those applications looking for a standardized approach to all their applications (standardized logging, exception handling, UI controls data-binding etc.), a well designed application framework can go a long way. With the help of advanced patterns usage coupled with enterprise components (such as Enterprise Application Blocks, SmartClient Software Factory SCSF), some of my experience with frameworks can help you build a corporate-wide application framework.

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