Zazen IS the end

A lot of people try to sit in Zazen to attain Buddhahood.

A lot of people meditate to attain peace of mind and tranquility.

However, there is a flaw in their approach to meditation (or Zazen).

They are all meditating with a pre-defined goal in mind.

Whenever one thinks of ATTAINING something (using a MEANS to get to an END) –  one is already deluded by the DUALITY of worldly things. Only in the materialistic world to means lead to an end. In the spiritual realm (the INNER world), there is no such distinction.

Means, End are all part of one undivided REALITY.

Zazen IS the end. It is not the means to get somewhere. It IS SOMEWHERE. Exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Zazen is ALL you are ever required to do (by the Universe).

There is no END to gain – it IS the end in itself.

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