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∇  Software Dev (254)
Lessons learnt from the world of Software Development, Object Oriented Design and .NET Architecture.

Entity Framework
FindAsync with non-primary key value
var foos = await db.Foos.Where(x => x.UserId == ...[Read More]
∇  Science Stuff (21)
Mainly Cosmology and Gravitation, some quantum theory

The real task of the mathematical physicist

What exactly IS a DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION and how does it arise in the first ...[Read More]

∇  Golf Tips (48)
Golfing advice for amateurs (from someone who has had far too many golf lessons). Real world advice from someone who appreciates the common stumbling points in learning this challenging sport.

Top Mistakes
Fixating the eye behind the ball

For some reason, a lot of instructors ask you to focus your eyes on the back ...[Read More]