A Simple (Really Simple) Alignment Technique

It is no wonder that beginners struggle in golf. If you talk to 5 different instructors, you will obtain five different recipes for alignment. Each recipe will involve multiple steps such as the following:

  • Place a club along the target line.
  • Place ANOTHER club on your toe line.
  • Align your eyes with the club on the target line.
  • Align your shoulders slightly LEFT of the target line.
  • Align your hips parallel to the target line…

I revolted against all such recipes. It cannot be that difficult to align – after all, this is a ‘side-on’’ sport – where you hit the ball while standing on one side of it.   Not unlike Tennis or Baseball – both of which are also ‘side-on’ sports. Since we do not agonize over alignment in Tennis or Baseball, why should golf be any different?

After reviewing several alignment techniques, I found one that worked extremely well – and took no longer than a couple of seconds to accomplish. It has continued to work for several years – both for the long game and also for the short game.

Anika Sorenstam’s Alignment Technique (The HEEL line)

Forget about the toe line – it can be very misleading. Instead, focus on your HEELS. It is MUCH easier to line up your heels along the target line. Try it –  it doesn’t take much to figure out whether your heels are in a straight line or not.

Now, the beauty of this technique is that the HIPS follow the heels.  So the hips are automatically aligned along the target line.  And the shoulders follow the hips.  At the end of this simple alignment technique, your hips and shoulders – should be pointed along the target line (parallel to the HEEL line).




One does not have the luxury of going through a 5 step alignment process before playing every shot. 

All you have time for is a simple, 1 step approach. Align your HEELS parallel to the target line – and do a quick check to ensure that your hips and shoulders are also aligned to the heel line.

This technique works well for the short game as well – especially PUTTING – where lining up correctly takes on a little more importance.

Try this alignment technique and see if it works for you.

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