A Zen Practitioner…

Is Never Insulted or Annoyed

If someone insults you, do you get angry? Upset? If so, you are still thinking that there is a ‘you’, when Zen teaches us there isn’t. A Zen master simply brushes off all insult and abuse because they don’t STICK to him. In order to stick to him, her needs to have an ego. Having mastered and forgotten about his own ego, there is nothing there that can take things personally.

Think about it – if you are taking something personally, you are still believing that there is a

Never Forms an Opinion – Good or Bad

Is free of all beliefs. Clear your mind of all that you know or think that you know. This includes beliefs.

Is not fearful

Is not hopeful

Is Always at Ease

Reaches for the Sitting Mat as eagerly as regular folks reach for their coffee

Why do we (regular folk) crave coffee (or tea, or other forms of caffeine)?  It is because of the grasping nature of our minds; with caffeine driving us, we can grasp more, and we can even ‘accomplish’ more. Accomplish is in quotes because what we are accomplishing is not necessarily what the Universe wants us to accomplish.  It is simply our frontal lobe’s interpretation of it.

Just as we reach for the coffee to stimulate our frontal lobe, the Zen practitioner reaches for the sitting mat to do the exact opposite; to quiet the frontal lobe. 

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