Applying to MBA School? Watch out for the application essays

One of the most formidable hurdles in getting into a top 10 MBA school is the application essay. I know this because several people close to me have applied and gone on to get degrees from these coveted institutions – including Harvard. Stanford, Wharton, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon and McComb’s business school.

Yes – you need a 4.0 GPA. Yes – you need killer recommendations and very unique and humbling work experience. Yes – you need to make the GMAT look like child’s play and display your mastery over it. Guess what?

Every applicant to these top 10 schools meets ALL OF THE CRITERIA above !

And this is why it boils down to the dreaded essays.

The essays are a true window into your soul – something that exam scores and GPAs do not reveal. And it is also where most applicants stumble. Not because they do not have great life stories to share – but because they do not know how to share them. Being a great story teller is a very different skill than being a management genius.

There was one common factor in all the applicants that I know who succeeded in getting into business schools. They all used an essay editing service. One such service – – was used by two of my close relatives/friends. They have nothing but ‘genius’ to attach to the editing service. What came out of the process was an essay unlike anything they had ever written. The ideas and initial drafts were entirely theirs. Those ideas were like the ‘paper napkin’ scribble of Silicon Valley engineers. What emerged was like the iPod – a killer product set to take the users by storm.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and give it a try yourself. You have nothing to lose (except your coveted spot in a top MBA school if your essay doesn’t make the grade).

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