Azure websites (PaaS) versus IIS on VMs (IaaS)

IaaS versus PaaS will be a choice you will often be faced with. In general, you will be better off starting with PaaS (quicker provisioning and near-zero maintenance). For some use cases, PaaS may not cut it  – and you may have to resort to IaaS. IaaS will put the onus of upgrades, updates, patches and all other instance level maintenance tasks on you – the owner of the infrastructure asset. 

It is not just the initial provisioning that is smoother in PaaS. Future scalability and expansion are all part of most PaaS solutions.

Example 1 – Azure Websites (PaaS) versus Azure VMs with IIS (IaaS)

It is trivial to add multiple instances to create a ‘server farm’. By default, you get a load balancing group – which can contain anywhere from 2 to 16 instances.

Example 2 –  SQL Azure versus SQL Server on an Azure VM

Example 3 – Azure Data Factory versus your regular ETL processes

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