Chapter Titles from ‘On Learning Golf’

If you are a student of golf, then you have probably wondered about things such as rhythm and timing, the mental makeup of the golfer, wrist action, the in to out swing path, keeping your head steady etc.

Classic Book by Percy Boomer – On Learning Golf

With chapter titles such as the ones listed below, this book is a delight for any individual who has thought at length about the golf swing.

  1. Golf and the Senses (Chapter 2 in the book)
  2. The Swing (Chapter 3 in the book)
  3. The Road to Golfing Health (Chapter 5 in the book)
  4. The Concentration Fallacy (Chapter 6 in the book)
  5. Rhythm (Chapter 16)
  6. The Golf Swing in Embryo (Chapter 17)

If you are possessed by the minutiae of golf, this is the ONE book that will keep you entertained for many an afternoon. If you have a larger appetite for this type of fodder, here are some other classics by some of the most famous golfers/instructors in the world.



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