Congress’ reaction to Anna Hazare

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Congress’s recent attack on Anna Hazare and the anti-corruption movement, completely misses the point of the movement (illustrating that either the Congress is scared, is completely obtuse or both).


The point is so simple that a 6 year old in India gets it. The system is broken. The system has been unable to fix itself over the last 64 years.  There is no reason to believe that the system, as it currently exists, will show any improvement.

Hence, an outside force is needed. That outside force (currently non-violent) is the civil society – led by Anna Hazare. If the government still doesn’t get it (and they are showing every indication of being obtuse), they will have a full scale civil resistance on their hands.


Signs of a successful anti-corruption movement

Some of the current obvious corrupt big-wigs need to be behind bars. These include:

  1. Mayawati
  2. Sharad Pawar
  3. Kalmadi
  4. Jayalalitha

All the black money that is stashed away needs to be brought back into India and put to use in building India’s infrastructure. This is where it was intended to go in the first place. If you have lost someone due to India’s pathetic road infrastructure (where even an emergency ambulance cannot make it to a struggling patient) or due to India’s famous ‘power cuts’, it is these corrupt leaders that are to blame for that loss. The money that would have been used to build bridges, roads, hospitals etc. is all sitting in private accounts of these corrupt individuals. If that makes your blood boil, join the anti-corruption movement today. You owe it to your children.

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