Increasing Sex Drive the Natural Way–Also, how to get pregnant (Sperm Count Raising Techniques)

Being able to feel like a teenager whilst in your 40s and 50s – seems like an impossible dream. However, not only is it possible, it is doable with just natural supplements. And no –  I’m not talking about testosterone therapy – not even going to go there.  This post dives into supplements/medicines that help attain two separate objectives:

  1. Increasing Libido (sex drive)
  2. Increasing your sperm count (more accurately, the Viable Sperm Count). This is key to getting your spouse pregnant. 

The thing is, getting your libido back isn’t a new problem – it is an age-old (no pun intended) problem – which has historically been solved by various cultures. Consider Maca Root Powder – something the South Americans have been chewing on for centuries – all the while increasing their stamina (both sexual and non-sexual). In the same way, the Indians (Asian Indians) and the Chinese both have their libido cocktails. While I am not too familiar with Chinese herbs, I am more than closely acquainted with the Indian system of Ayurveda – which has helped many couples conceive, well into their late 40s.

This post also discusses specific Ayurvedic supplements – which can be easily found online (try eBay for the best deals).

Objective 1 – Libido Increase

1 a. The Two Power Horses

  1. Maca Powder (Gelatinized only) and
  2. Liddell Male Sexual Energy Spray

1 b – Sex Drive Increase – The 3-day, all-natural, fix

The Liddell Spray works wonders within 2-3 days all by itself. However, I have found that a spoonful of honey amplifies it’s effect. Add Maca to the equation and you may be humping fire hydrants before long.

The 4-ingredients that were part of my 3-day fix – Liddell Vitality Supplement, Raw Honey, Maca Root Powder (gelatinized only) and  Liquid Magnesium Oil (for rubbing externally) – That’s all you need to get your libido into high gear. It may happen in just a single day – but give it a full 3 days to take effect.

Also, just like the Liddell Spray,  plain raw maca powder by itself, also works wonders – without any other complement. However, raw maca may shift you into overdrive (too much, too soon).  With maca, it is recommended that you must build up gradually – taking too much on day 1 can have some minor side effects (slight headache).

Also, if you have any thyroid issues, Maca is NOT recommended! Also, maca is the only supplement on this list that has known side effects.

If your thyroid is healthy, then this is how I would proceed on the 3-day libido boost:

  1. Liddell – Two sprays below the tongue of the Liddell supplement shown below. Two sprays in the morning – two in the evening and two at bedtime (total of 6 sprays daily).
  2. Maca – Try half a teaspoon of gelatinized maca powder (mixed in any drink/water or have it raw – it has a nutty flavor – not terrible tasting).  If you can tolerate it without any side effects (aka headache), increase it to a full teaspoon on days 2 and 3. Otherwise, stay on the half teaspoon. If the side effects are too much, dump it. You can make do with the other 3 supplements –  which are guaranteed to have zero side effects.
  3. Honey – Take a spoonful of pure, raw honey, preferably in the morning.
  4. Mg Oil – Spray and Rub the magnesium oil over your body (again, preferably in the morning). Especially the groin and the stomach area. Firstly, mg oil can be itchy –  so some people cannot stand it. To me, it is a mild itch – and that too, short lived. Magnesium Oil is great for relaxing sore or tight muscles – for promoting easier breathing, for producing restful sleep and lots of other things.

This should start having an effect within 1 day. At most , 3 days should have you feeling ‘charged’.

male_energy IMG_7242 IMG_7243 magnesium-oil

Objective 1 – Quick Recap

Really, the supplements above are all you need if you are looking to increase your sex drive , increase your libido or just stamina. However, if you are also looking to actually increase sperm count (more importantly, your viable sperm count), then continue reading – the section below summarizes ways to get that sperm count up.

Objective 2 – Getting your spouse pregnant – The 3-6 month Sperm-count booster – Clomiphene (Prescription Med) Plus Ayurvedic Recipe (from India)

Before I get to the Ayurvedic cocktail, I want to highlight the western medicine (Clomiphene), which is used to increase sperm count. Clomid (Clomiphene) works great – there is no doubt about that. It takes 3 months to take effect – and has some minor side effects. So, if you doctor has prescribed this for you, by all means, use this tool to get your sperm count up.   Clomid alone, brought my sperm count up from 1ppm to 5 ppm in about 6 months (see RESULTS below).

When my wife and I were trying to conceive, we visited an ayurvedic doctor in Delhi (see RESULTS below). This is the combo he recommended for me (male supplements).  Addyzoa (1 daily), Tentex Forte (1 daily) and Ashwagandha (1 daily). Himalaya Herbals is a great brand from India – one that I tend to go with. If you live in the U.S., your best bet to find these is on eBay – where several Indian suppliers are willing to ship these. I was surprised that the supplements arrived in just 10 days – from the day I placed the order.



Tentex Forte


IMG_7244   IMG_7245 ashwagandha


When I took Clomid by itself (no Ayurvedic stuff), my sperm count went from 1 ppm to 5 ppm in 6 months. Not terrible, but not where I needed to be (15 ppm).  However, get this – when I took BOTH for the next 6 months (the Ayurvedic and the Clomid), I reached close to 15 ppm!  That was cause for celebration – since 15 is what is/was needed to increase the chances of a natural conception.


Increasing your sex drive is a slightly different ball game (again, no pun intended), than getting your sperm count up.  A sperm’s lifecycle is about 3 months – which means that anything you do today to help your sperm count, will only show effects after 3 months. I found 6 months to be a reasonable timeframe for fixing a really low sperm count (I was down to 1 ppm). When I was done with my 6 months of Clomid Plus Ayurveda, I was almost at 15 ppm (which is the desired target). Also, fear not if your count doesn’t get up to 15. In general, techniques like IVF and IUI are all effective with lower sperm counts as well.

This post highlights my trials over a period of 3 years – when I was well into my 40s.  I hope it is of help to other folks trying to conceive – or simply increase their sexual stamina.

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