Multiple admins AWS console

For sandbox, dev-test environments, you often need to provide access for multiple developers.  Create a group (say DEV_ADMINS) and in the policy list, check AdministratorAccess. This is a pre-configured AWS policy to handle admin level access.

  1. For the current logged in user (dashboard user), find the Set permissions for user page, choose Add user to group.
  2. Choose Create group.
  3. In the Create group dialog box, type the name for the new group. The name can consist of letters, digits, and the following characters: plus (+), equal (=), comma (,), period (.), at (@), underscore (_), and hyphen (-). The name is not case sensitive and can be a maximum of 128 characters in length.

  4. In the policy list, select the check box next to AdministratorAccess. Then choose Create group.

  5. Back in the list of groups, select the check box for your new group. Choose Refresh if necessary to see the group in the list.

  6. Choose Next: Review to see the list of group memberships to be added to the new user. When you are ready to proceed, choose Create user.

That’s it. Just add as many IAM users to this group as needed. They should all have admin level access to your sandbox dev test environment.

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