Quick Fixes for an inflamed stomach

Whenever I drink super hot chai (or coffee) – or have extra spicy food – I end up with an inflamed stomach. This feels really sensitive and somewhat bloated. It feels as if any hot fluid will aggravate it even more.  First, ensure that it is NOT an IBS flare up. Read this post to see what those symptoms are like – and some home remedies if it is indeed IBS.

If it is just an inflamed stomach – and not IBS, here are some soothing options

Here are some quick soothing options for an inflamed stomach:

  1. Drink LOTS of water – Like 8-10 glasses per day. Nothing puts out that fire like cool, fresh water.
  2. Vitamin e oil – Simply open a capsule and drink the oil (instead of swallowing the whole capsule). The oil provides the soothing relief.
  3. Potato soup – Very good for an inflamed stomach. If no soup, simply try eating semi-boiled potatoes (let them cool a bit before eating them).
  4. Plain Yogurt  – also very soothing
  5. Raw Avocados
  6. Take Papain (chewable) with every meal.
  7. Coconut water is excellent at soothing inflammation.
  8. Fish Oil – also good at reducing inflammation.

Note that this is not medical advice – and not meant to substitute for any prescription medicines you may be taking. This is just based on what has worked in my experience.

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