Reduced (boiled) water recipe , cure

In India, there are a host of Ayurvedic remedies for indigestion, acidity and other digestive ailments. The simplest of these involves boiled water. That’s it – just plain boiled water. But it has to be boiled in a specific way. And sipped slowly. Here is the low down on this ancient, simple yet powerful  recipe.

Ingredients/Supplies :

  1. Boiling Pot / Kettle (ideally one that is dedicated to heating water – nothing else should be used in this).
  2. Sieve for pouring water (see picture below). Again, dedicated for water – no other liquids to be used through this sieve..
Kettle Sieve
waterkettle_thumb   seive._thumb


  1. Boil two cups of water in your clean pot/kettle (never in a microwave). Once it reaches boiling point – let it boil so that some of it evaporates. Ideally, it should take 8-10 minutes for about half of it to evaporate. Now let the remaining water cool down a little – so it is not boiling hot to drink.
  2. How to pour – Through a seive (as shown above). Pour it into your mug. Avoid plastic, styrofoam cups. 
  3. How to drink – Sip Slowly.

Each of these steps has some reasoning behind it (e.g. the half evaporation ALKALINIZES the water and removes all impurities). For best results, follow each step.

In about a week, your digestion will strengthen. Nothing pushes out stomach toxins like alkalinized hot water.

How many times a day?

How many times a day should you have this ‘reduced’ water?  There is no limit. It is just water. However, have it at least once in the morning – either before or after breakfast. And it works great after meals – especially if you have had a heavy meal. It provides almost instant respite from heaviness in the stomach.

Can I microwave it?

Absolutely a big NO NO. The whole point of preparing this remedy is to follow each of the steps the way the original Ayurvedic practitioners intended it.

What if I am away from the kitchen?

Once prepared, this reduced water can be had anytime – even the next day (it does not need to be hot).  You can prepare it once and carry it with you (in a METAL container preferably) – for the next 4-5 days. I’ve done this regularly on travel where I have no time/access to a kitchen.

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