Troubleshooting AWS performance

    VPC Performance– Symptom : Entire VPC is slow

    People tend to refer to VPC as a single entity – and talk about ‘the VPC is slow, the VPC is not secure etc..’ However , a VPC is a ‘composite’ entity, made up of several smaller networking constructs.

    These include:

EC2 Instance Performance

Symptom: Only specific EC2 instances are slow.

Common Troubleshooting Steps

  1. tcptraceroute from the desktop/end user location to the instance in whatever Region the VPC (or EC2 instance is)  in at the time that this slowness is being experienced.
  2. Also a tcpdump of the traffic between the desktop and the EC2 instance..
  3. The AWS geographical region of the instances – and its proximity to the end-users is also somewhat a factor.

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