WCF and Publish Subscribe–A Full Example: The Event Generator

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The purpose of the Event Generator code is to publish events (New Magazine Issue Available)  that subscribers will get notified about.

  1. Add a new Console App (Add New Project) to the WCFPublishSubscribe solutionCall it EventGenerator.
  2. Copy over the app.config and the generatedProxy.cs to this new project.
  3. Publishing an event is as simple as invoking the Publish method (PublishMagazine) on the client (proxy class)
myClient.PublishMagazine("http://www.anujvarma.com", "Vol1: Issue1", System.DateTime.Now);

class EventGenerator: IMagazineServiceCallback


        static void Main(string[] args)


            // always create an instance context to associate the service with            

            InstanceContext siteHostContext = new InstanceContext(null, new EventGenerator());

            MagazineServiceClient myClient = new MagazineServiceClient(siteHostContext);


            Console.WriteLine("Publishing New Issue(http://www.anujvarma.com, Vol1: Number1, )");

            myClient.PublishMagazine("http://www.anujvarma.com", "Vol1: Issue1", System.DateTime.Now);



            Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to stop publishing events");



            //Closing the client gracefully closes the connection and cleans up resources




        public void MessageReceived(string linkToNewIssue, string issueNumber, DateTime publishDate)


            Console.WriteLine("MessageReceived(item{0}, item{1}, item{2}", linkToNewIssue, issueNumber, publishDate);



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